My name is Vitor Cervi, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil, currently living between Paris and Stockholm. This is where I house my artwork and motion design. I'm also very invested in photography, as you can see in my photo portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you are interested on my work.

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Vitor Cervi.

Opening titles for Pixel Show 2015, the biggest creativity and visual arts festival in Latin America. It’s a part fair part circuit of lectures that annually gathers creative professionals from all over the world in São Paulo, Brazil.
Conceived together with my friend Daniel Bruson, and based on the event’s predefined visual id and colour palette, we created a series of delirious and nonsensical loops where fragmented ideas and images emerge, collapse and resonate, affecting and being embraced by the character. We tried to convey the feeling of personal hecatomb and collective impregnation that only a creative process can bring up.

Thanks to Allan Szacher and Luiz Félix for the invitation, trust and support.

Direction: Daniel Bruson & Vitor Cervi
Assistance Animation: Thiago Pinho & Daniel Pommella
Sound Design: Marcelo Baldin
Animation, Script and Compositing: Daniel Bruson & Vitor Cervi
Production: www.dogday.tv
Client: www.pixelshow.com.br

I was invited by Maria Farinha Filmes to make the credits opening sequence for the documentary The Territory of Play, directed by David Reeks and Renata Meirelles. The film is a a part of a more extensive project created by the two, with the intention of covering and documenting different ways children play all along Brazil, as well as the importance playing has on our developments as humans.

Here is a link to the project's official page: territoriodobrincar.com.br

The things that was key in the briefing was not to be childish with the visuals and not to create a distinction between an adult and a infant universe. Based on kids using dirt and hand drawing, a recurrent element shown in the images, I came up with the strokes that sometimes work around the scenery and other times have their own ways and suggestions, being more attached to playfulness than to establishing a rule for the symbols.

What you see here is a mix of my original ideas and what ended up being used in the final cut of the film.

Short Commentaries is part film, part animation, an aesthetic investigation on vastness, paradoxes and nonsense. Based on the namesake music composed by Tiago de Mello, and being a part of Projetos Rumos Musica, curated by the Brazilian institute Itau Cultural, the short film was co-directed and produced by Daniel Bruson and me via Nautilus collective between 2011 and 2012.
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Watercolour, India ink, large broad marker and a little acrylic. Above there is a time-lapse of the process.

Frames created for a pitch at Lobo. The client, the Virginia Mason Hospital at Seattle, wanted a character trying to get rid of a headache.

This video gathers a series of animated pieces I created for the documentary 'Assim é se lhe parece', directed by Carla Gallo. The film goes around the life and the production of the brazilian post-modernist artist Nelson Leirner.
I received some quotes that would mark moments of the cut, and had a lot of freedom to conceive the images along with my brother, Rafael Nascimento. We based the layouts mainly on vintage propaganda and Pop Art, but I also had this idea, fundamented by my feelings concerning Leirner's work, that there should be no visual identity connecting the animations, just a misplaced sense of popular and common stuff.
Graphite pencil, watercolour and masking fluid.

Africa agency asked me to create a text based piece for their new campaign to Itaú bank. This is my director version.
Additional motion design by Leandro Franci.
Watercolour and large broad marker.

2D animation produced at Piloto. I worked on the cel animation/painting process.

Opening for FICI - Festival Internacional de Cinema Infantil. I worked on the post-production, doing colour correction, VFX and other stuff. Created and produced by Giroscópio.

Animation ad produced at Lobo. I was responsible for art direction and animation.
Personal ilustration. Watercolour and digital.

I directed this at Dinamo Digital for a pitch. Also worked on storyboards, character design and animation.
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